LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN enlarges its range of street lighting with another product group: charging station for electric cars KARSTEN. We produce and deliver charging stations including software and system maintenance.

When there is a suitable existing infrastructure for charging stations, we will provide your existing luminaires with a charging module.
We would be pleased to send you more information about this topic. Please do not hesitate to contact our LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN team.

Charging station KARSTEN LS I
The functioning of charging station KARSTEN is simple.  The modular system offers different types of charging stations: both with or without payment system including calibrated electricity meter and with or without display. If the user choses a charging station with touch display, there are three different types of payment systems available.

In this case, the driver identifies with his charging card, his ticket code or via the QR code. The charging socket for type 2 plugs will be activated and locked after the cable is plugged in. Only after approval of the driver, the cable can be unplugged. The charging station is available with one or two charging sockets that enables to charge two cars at the same time.

The first four charging stations are installed in Leipzig, Mozartstraße. Please don’t hesitate to try the system and convince yourself of the functioning.